There is a difference in school uniform companies... and Parker customers know it. They recognize something special - not only in our uniforms, but in the way we do business.

Parker schools and Parker families know to expect top-quality materials, impeccable construction, timeless good looks and unrivaled durability. They also know they'll receive a level of service that's rare today... from a company firmly committed to a strong set of values.

Perhaps that's why the only thing more durable than our uniforms is our relationship with our customers. Among our 1000+ schools and thousands of families, we have an almost unheard-of 98 percent retention rate.

Since 1931, we've been doing our best to be the best... for every customer, every time.


That's the cut of our cloth!





It Isn't Just The Clothes That Change


When students wear uniforms, it changes more than their look - it changes their outlook.

Uniforms instill pride. They help students feel like they're part of something important, and worthwhile. They foster school spirit, and they build unity. Rather than sorting themselves into cliques and groups through "fashion statements," students who wear uniforms can better see and appreciate one another as equals, and come together more readily as a cohesive community.

Those are powerful things. So perhaps it's no wonder that studies show uniform programs can have a profound effect on student behavior:

Schools that make the switch to uniforms report a substantial decline in absenteeism. They report equally impressive decreases in the number of discipline problems.

In one noted study in Long Beach, schools that adopted uniforms reported an astonishing 71% decrease in violent crime... even so non-uniform schools saw their rate rise by 28%.

There is even evidence that grade - point averages improve when uniforms are adopted.

Imagine... all that from a change of clothes.




At Parker we like to say that we are cut from a different cloth – and this is why. For over 85 years we have provided our customers with durable, well-made clothing and uniforms. We also make personal, individualized service the heart of what we do. As a Parker customer, you will be able to draw on the following unique advantages of doing business with an experienced industry leader:


♦  Decades of experience developing uniform programs for 1000+ schools.


♦  Our promise to have uniforms in-stock. If not, we'll find them. Or we'll make them. And then we'll ship them for free!


♦  The largest selection of styles and sizes in the business courtesy of our in-house design team.


♦  Custom manufacturing for special sizes... big or small, short or tall, every child deserves a uniform that fits, and there's no child we can't accommodate.


♦  Well-stocked, year-round retail outlets that deliver unparalleled service.


♦  Seasoned sales professionals who encourage shoppers to feel, touch and try on everything so they can make the best decisions possible.


♦  Year-round uniform availability online or over the phone for those times when you just can’t make it to a local store.


♦  End-to-end quality control over every garment we make.


♦  A dedicated web page for your school’s uniform program to enhance and simplify the shopping experience.


Being cut from a different cloth is more than a catchy slogan – it is our daily commitment. Great clothes, local
availability and dedicated service – our commitment is your advantage!




Most companies model their customer interaction on a pyramid. At the top is the executive team, deciding how the business will be run. They instruct the department managers, who tell the folks on the front lines, who "deal with" the customers.

At Parker, we turn that upside-down. Take a look at our model:
Parker Uniforms Working Model
At the top is you. We base every decision on what's best for our customers. Next, we empower those who work with you most closely - our store and sales managers - and give them the tools they need to provide stellar service. Then comes our support team, then our leadership.

This "putting you first" philosophy pervades all that we do. In fact, if you were to look at our employee training manual, you'd see that the first full page has 5 lines about the company... but 18 about our customers. And the very next page begins with these words: "Our customers are the reason Parker School Uniforms exists."

As you would expect, this translates into an exceptional level of customer service. We work hard to treat our customers well. The result? A school retention rate of 98 percent - solid evidence that it's sometimes best to think upside-down. 




At Parker, we're not shy about saying what drives us. We adhere to a set of principles that help determine everything we do. There are six:


Serving our customers serves all of us. We train each staff member to be knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. We offer expert, sincere advice and guidance.


It is our goal to offer the best total value in school uniforms of any company, anywhere. We price products fairly and honestly. We operate efficiently to contain costs. We build products that are meant to last and guaranteed to do so. We do not engage in deceptive pricing practices.


We pursue quality at every turn. We are passionate about making the best products we can. We continually improve fabrics and construction, and never sacrifice quality to lower costs.


We support our partner schools. We do so only in open, honest and forthright ways. We never engage in unethical or covert practices.


We demand integrity and accountability from every Parker employee. Our workforce is engaged and empowered to meet our customers' needs and contribute to the success of our business.


We believe companies must be socially responsible. We hold our business partners to the highest ethical standards and regularly audit their labor practices. We work constantly to minimize the environmental impact of our stores, offices, products and packaging. We control waste and conserve resources to the best of our ability.


We hope that you will measure us by these principles with every transaction, and in every interaction you have with Parker.





Responsible companies may be getting harder to find these days, but they're not extinct. At Parker, we believe we can do well and do good... building a strong business while also making a positive contribution to our world.

There are three responsibilities we take especially seriously...

First is the responsibility to be good stewards of our environment. We choose eco-friendly packaging whenever possible; we encourage green manufacturing techniques; we reduce, reuse and recycle throughout our company; and we constantly assess and reassess our processes to learn where we might do better.

Second is our responsibility to support humane working conditions and fair labor practices. We select our business partners carefully... including our overseas suppliers. (We work closely with companies in Cambodia, where the garment industry plays a critical role in poverty prevention.) As you might imagine, we also have strong feelings about child labor. We believe children should be studying in schools, not working in factories; wearing our uniforms, not making them. We won't do business with suppliers who feel differently.

Finally, we have a responsibility to our communities. We support nonprofit organizations in the towns and cities where we do business, giving back to those who mean so much to us. And we're active in national and international charitable organizations, as well, because we believe we should help where we can, when we can.

At the end of the day, it's really not about how much money we make...  It's about how much difference we make.